Teleseminar: September 9, 2013

Sexual Aspects of Health Issues
September 9, 2013
noon-1pm PDT
or via recording

Every week we see patients with health problems. They may not discuss the sexual implications of their conditions—are we?

Common health conditions impacting sexuality include chronic pain, limited range of motion, sleep problems, diabetes, hormone imbalances, depression, cancer, migraines, post-surgical and postpartum adjustment, obesity, and medication side effects. Each of these can reduce sexual desire, arousal, functioning, variety, and fulfillment. They can also contribute to couples conflict.

The treatment of a health problem can also undermine sexuality—for example, chemotherapy, anti-depressants, CPAP devices, even a restricted diet.  

Unfortunately, many health care providers do not invite patients to discuss the sexual aspects of their medical condition or its treatment. The more serious the condition, the more patients may hesitate to bring up sex—because it isn’t a “serious” subject, or because they sense their physician or nurse is uncomfortable discussing it. Therapists are left with the vital role of raising the issue of sexuality, assessing how much patients’ sexual functioning is undermined, validating patients’ concerns, and discussing coping strategies.

We will examine the sexual implications of a wide range of medical issues, along withpatients’ most common sexual concerns, such as body image, sex role identity, compromised functioning, and questions about “normal” sex. We’ll also focus on helping patients adapt their sexual activity to their health situation; handling our own discomfort discussing illness, pain, and declining function; and how to communicate with patients’ health care providers (and how to get them to consider you  part of the health care team).

Cost: $49, which includes:
* One-hour seminar
* 30 powerpoint slides
* A recording of the entire seminar
* CE certificate (AASECT, California MFTs & LCSWs)
* Local call-in number (or you can use skype)

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