New York Seminar, 2014

Ten Things Therapists Need to Know About Sex—and Why

May 9, 2014
Ackerman Institute
936 Broadway (@ 22nd St.)
New York, NY

Psychologists deal with sexuality every week. So what do you need to know about  romance novels, fertility, mindfulness, pornography, S/M, “sex addiction,” arranged marriages, cybersex, childhood sexuality, sexual decision-making, and the nature of fantasy? How does sexuality interface with issues of power, anxiety, intimacy, guilt, shame, and isolation? What are some surprising ways that aging does not affect sexual function? And how are male and female sexuality more similar than different?

We’ll also look at how clients construct self-defeating narratives about sexuality—and how therapists can unwittingly collude with these narratives, undermining diagnosis and treatment. Since every therapist deals with cases of low desire, we’ll explore good reasons that people who love each other don’t desire each other.

Erection, lubrication, and orgasm are the easy parts of sex to address and change (and are overrated factors in improving sexual satisfaction anyway). In this seminar we’ll examine how to support individuals and couples struggling with the other 99% of sex. You’ll learn more than how to just treat sexual problems—you’ll learn new ways to think about sex, and the ways in which psychology, medicine, and the legal system maintain pathology-based narratives that keep professionals stuck. After all, sex is more than an activity—it’s an idea.

Approved for 5 CEs for MFTs, LCSWs, APA, Nurses
Approved for 5 CEs for AASECT

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