About Dr. Marty Klein


Dr. Marty Klein is a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist, Certified Sex Therapist, and sociologist with a special interest in public policy and sexuality. He has written 6 books and over 100 articles about sexuality. Each year he trains thousands of professionals in North America and abroad in clinical skills, human sexuality, and policy issues.

Marty sees men, women, and couples in his Palo Alto office for psychotherapy, couples counseling, and sex therapy. For an appointment, write Klein AT SexEd.org or call 650/773-2425.

Each month Marty publishes the electronic newsletter Sexual Intelligence,TM which examines the sexual implications of current events, politics, technology, popular culture, and the media.

For an archive of his original articles, lots of Q/A about sexuality, and other material, see www.SexEd.org.

Marty’s current award-winning book is America’s War On Sex: The Attack on Law, Lust, & Liberty.

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