Sexual Intelligence Awards, 2008 (1)

Each year, Sexual Intelligence Awards honor individuals and organizations which challenge the sexual fear, unrealistic expectations, and government hypocrisy that undermine love, sex, and relationships—and political freedom—today.

One of this year’s recipients is Larry Hedges, Ph.D, Psychologist. Here’s why:

Dr. Larry Hedges has been a Southern California psychologist for 25 years, specializing in the training of psychotherapists and psychoanalysts. In addition to helping thousands of patients, he has trained therapists across the U.S. and influenced several generations of therapists as director of the Listening Perspectives Study Center and the founding director of the Newport Psychoanalytic Institute.

One of Hedges’ great innovations is teaching professionals not to be afraid of sexuality—their patients’ or their own. He helps therapists tolerate their fantasies about their patients—both gentle and aggressive—which better enables them to support patients in tolerating THEIR fantasies.

Hedges understands that sexuality is not something that people do, it’s who they are. Thus, he sees it suffusing many of therapy’s basic, “non-sexual” issues, such as power, anger, fear, anxiety, self-discipline, and creativity. Not surprisingly, he is one of today’s most effective innovative psychologists.

Hedges is also at the forefront of issues regarding patient-therapist sexual misconduct, and false or unfair accusations of such conduct. For fearlessness, professionalism, and creativity, Hedges is honored for his Sexual Intelligence.

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